Initial Assessment  ~  $130 (Add a one week meal plan for $50)

This assessment is required for all new clients. This one time Initial Assessment usually takes  60-90 minutes, and includes an evaluation of your health, medical and family health history, lifestyle, diet habits, exercise, stress level, emotions, environment and any other related information necessary for a consultation.  We will discuss your primary health goals, both short and long term, and any health concerns that you may have. It includes a personalized nutritional and lifestyle program with general recommendations.  Based on this information, I will provide you with general nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, designed specifically for you, which you will be able to implement immediately. This package also includes a 30 minute follow up appointment within 2 weeks to see how you are doing.

Careful Cleansing  ~  $275

This package is for those who would like to start with a clean slate...or clean gut you could say! It includes an initial consultation along with a light cleansing program through clean and allergen-free eating. In this program you will receive a menu plan for the cleanse, email and phone support, instructions and 3 follow-up appointments. This program's duration is 4-6 weeks.

Pregnancy Prep  ~  $350 (with partner/husband add $150)

This package is for those who want to prepare their body for pregnancy, ensuring that they are at their healthiest to conceive. It also includes nutrition for during pregnancy and  breastfeeding. You can also do this program together with your partner/husband since it is important for the whole family to be healthy during this exciting time in your life. This package includes an initial assessment and 5 follow-up appointments that can be used at any time before, during and after the pregnancy.

Pantry Peek  ~  $100 (Bring a friend, add $50)

Are there foods in your kitchen that are making you sick or in the way of your effort to eat well? What is a whole foods kitchen anyway? In this one hour in-home visit, I will teach you how to stock your pantry and fridge with healthy alternatives and give you cost effective ways to eat healthier but not break your budget. Bring a friend and save!


Grocery Tour  ~  $100 (Bring a friend and add $50)

Are you confused by labels with ingredients you can't even pronounce? In this one hour tour, we will visit your favorite grocery store and learn what these labels mean and learn how to shop for healthier foods that do not contain GMO's, additives, and preservatives. Bring a friend and save!

Meal Plans  ~  $75/week (after Initial consult)

Do you want to eat healthier, but don't know where to start? Would you like your usual meals tweaked to be healthier?  An Initial Assessment is required for this so I can provide meals plans that are tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Custom Packages Don't see what works for you? Do you need a longer, more accountable program? I can work on a package for you, please let me know. After the initial consult, you can also just book half hour or an hour appointments.