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take away meals

We sell healthy, honest, prepared, ready made meals that you only need to heat & eat.

no time to cook? no problem!

We know that not everyone likes or has time to cook, but at least everyone loves to eat!

We sell healthy, made from scratch, ready made meals that you only need to take away, heat & eat. Bring it home, bring it camping, save yourself more time to do what you love.

We have options for everyone: gluten friendly, vegetarian, meat, vegan and dairy free options.

We also serve coffee, tea, amazing smoothies and assorted treats and snacks

An Edible Life uses the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available with a strong emphasis on local and organic whole foods. Our products have no additives, preservatives, artificial or genetically modified ingredients. We use organic ingredients as often as possible, but organic is just one of many characteristics we use to evaluate the food we buy. Ideally, we attempt to obtain the highest quality food from as local to us as possible by supporting local farmers and vendors. We also recognize that some companies that aren’t certified organic use responsible, sustainable methods in their practices. 

See you soon!



monday to friday

10am - 6pm


weekends & holidays